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App Review: PocketCloud iPhone/iPad

22 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS
PocketCloud for iPhone/iPad screenshots

I was actually quite happy with iSSH as it served almost 90% of my needs. When I saw PocketCloud, I was thinking I could use it to remotely access my laptop. It was more a want then a need, basically I was itching to try RDP over 3G. Also to pipe audio from a remote computer to my iPad.

I am now US$14.99 poorer, but maybe a little wiser. PocketCloud is really a neat app, its just that because my needs were more with SSH and VNC, this didn't fulfill more than 50% of my needs.

Upon connecting to my laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, you cannot help but notice that the screen refreshes are somewhat faster. RDP actually means the remote computer sends render instructions to PocketCloud on the iPad to draw the screen contents. VNC actually copies the contents of the screen pixel for pixel thus its much slower than RDP. Unfortunately RDP is a Microsoft Proprietary Protocol, so you will not see readily solutions available for Linux servers (although XRDP seems to try to solve this, but I have not gotten it to work properly).

Well, this is an old trick in the book. RDP to your Windows Desktop or Laptop, launch the browser view the flash view with audio on your iPad. Not really the case for me, RDP is good for when you are out or travelling and you need to retrieve something off your desktop/laptop at home. I have a friend who it to check on this downloads. :)

Ok, same test except I am using VNC to access my linux server at home. You see the mouse pointer and a mouse icon enclosed in a circle? In case you are wondering, to click a mouse on the screen you have 2 choices. You tap the screen, but if you have big fingers like me you can actually launch a drag point like that on the screen (if you look at the above screen you will see it partially hidden in the black portion of the screen as I took the screenshot). This drag point is a brilliant feature, it allows you to perform fine grain mouse clicks and movement.

PocketCloud too supports VMWare Viewer, unfortunately for me I do not run VMWare at work or at home so I am unable to test that feature.


Supports RDP, VNC & VMWare Viewer. Robust mouse cursor control and good keyboard.