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App Review: Perfect Web Browser iPad

11 Jul. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS
Perfect Web Browser for iPad screenshots

I didn't like Mobile Safari, each time I switch windows the contents of the page would randomly reloads and most sites detected it as a mobile browser. I was introduced to Perfect Web Browser for iPad. There are some really cool features like tabs, privacy mode, gestures to switch tabs, popup blocker and block all images. What I was attracted to initially was the ability to make Perfect Web Browser look like a desktop browser such as Firefox or IE to the website. This was useful to access certain websites that blocked mobile access but since Flash & Java applets are not support on the iPad or iPhone, most internet banking sites in Singapore or e-Government sites didn't work anyway.

While all is good with Perfect Web Browser, on some sites that was graphic intensive the browser often crash and auto close. There was also hardly any updates on the app for over a year that I was using it until recently. I think its an ok app, but there are more feature rich browsers for iPad available in the app store for US$3.99. It only works for iPad, but you may by a separate iPhone version.