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App Review: iSSH iPhone/iPad

22 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS
iSSH for iPhone/iPad screenshots

This was the first app I bought once I got my iPad. I've been using this for the past 1.5 years and I find it an indespensible tool for a system administrator.

iSSH has some key features that attracted me to shell out US$9.99 for it. SSH, VNC, XServer, Telnet, SSH Keys Support and works the same on iPhone and iPad.

After you have installed and made the necessary security configurations, when you next lauch it you will be prompted for a PIN. This is good to keep prying eyes or kids off from your servers.

Although the app allowed for you to store your login and password for each host, it too supports SSH keys. We use SSH keys at work so as to better manage access to a server. After importing my personal SSH key, I was ready to rock and roll.

iSSH allows you to maintain a list and folders of hosts, this allows for better organization of your host list.

It supports SSH, Telnet & Raw Connection. If you select SSH, you can also choose to access Shell or VNC through SSH. If you select Raw and then VNC, then you are hitting the VNC server straight without using SSH tunnelling to access VNC.

iSSH supports ssh, VNC and XServer display redirection which allows you to run GUI based applications from the shell account and you could see the GUI output on your ipad, cool huh?

Buying app can be a daunting task, sometimes the app does part of what you need so you end up buying a few apps just to fulfill your needs. In this case, I need mostly to access linux servers so iSSH is sufficient as an emergency tool for me. Usually when I am out of the office and one of our servers or client's server requires immediate attention, iSSH on the iPad will save me a trip back to the office or home.


SSH, Telnet, SSH keys, VNC, XServer display redirection.


No RDP support, would be most complete if it supported RDP.