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App Review: Bria Android

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in Android
Bria for Android Screenshots

There are plenty of nice iPhone apps, Bria on the iPhone was a joy to use, it just worked! I began my search for android apps for VOIP. There are plenty of VOIP android apps that do they same thing, but the challenge was the find the best apps for this purpose, thus my journey began... choosing the right paid VOIP apps mean you needed to know what the competition could do, this became an expensive exercise.

When Bria was launched for Android, I was thrilled. Having used X-lite on my PC and Bria for iPhone I had high hopes of it working reliably. Bria isn't free, but I was prepared to try since I couldn't use Sipdroid which was free.

I got it off Android Market for US$7.99, but right after that when I started it. It had some error about invalid license. I un-installed it and executed a Android Market refund.

After more than a month later, when I saw that Bria had an updated version. I decided to brave it and purchased it off Android Market (knowing that this time if it didn't work, I wouldn't get a refund). Fortunately it worked, and then I proceeded to also purchase the G.729 codec, yes this is also a separate priced item. What was not so ideal about it was that I was directed to make the purchase off Counterpath's website (they are the makers of Bria) and then was emailed a license key which I had to enter into the app to lock G.729 capabilities.

Setup was pretty hassel free, and it supports multiple SIP accounts. When setting up an account, 

Account Name: this is just a description of the account, you may call it anything you want.
Display Name (under User Details): This is the caller id information that will show on the recipient's display when you call the recipient.
User Name: Your SIP Account username or userid
Password: Your SIP Account password
Domain: SIP Server hostname / IP address

Once that is done, setup is completed.

While Bria for Android has worked for me more often than Sipdroid and although its crash less often than Sipdroid. Considering the cost of both the app and G.729 together, it can still be frustrating when the app crash when you're trying to dial or when trying to accept an incoming call.

All in all, I would say Bria for Android isn't ready for prime time use yet.

Tested version - Bria for Android (Version release)